Each day, over 4,000 people use a gun to defend themselves from criminal attack in the United States. What if you had to defend yourself or a loved one from a deadly threat? My goal isn’t just to help people get CCW permits–I do everything I can to help students develop the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to safely and lawfully carry (and as a last resort use) their handguns.

My name is Jennifer Sensiba. My company, Practical Tactical Training, offers firearms safety and tactical instruction in Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX. As an NRA Certified Instructor, I offer Basic Pistol and FIRST Steps Pistol courses.

I am also a New Mexico and Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License/Concealed Carry) instructor, and as an instructor for both states I can teach students what they need to know to avoid breaking the law in the other state when traveling. I have also made arrangements for Texas and New Mexico students to obtain Arizona non-resident concealed weapon permits so they can carry in more states.

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