Why Are The Prices So Low?

For New Mexico CHL courses, my competitors are charging anything from $120 to as high as $200 or more.

I’ve even had some competitors call and chew me out for charging such a low price, and I’m sure they’re telling potential students that I’m some sort of cut-rate instructor who will cut corners with your training.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

On the first day of the course, I focus on safety and accuracy.

If a shooter does not know how to safely own and operate a firearm, it will likely cause a lot more harm than good. I go over important safety rules and give tips on how to avoid disaster. Throughout the rest of the course, safety is the primary concern.

And if a shooter cannot accurately place shots on a target, all of the tactical training in the world is useless. Worse, if one cannot hit the intended target, they are likely to destroy the property of others or even injure or kill innocent people while trying to protect themselves from a criminal attacker. I use proven techniques to assist students in improving their accuracy, and help students identify ways to continue to improve accuracy after the course.

On the second day of the course, I go in-depth on New Mexico law and even cover Arizona and Texas laws a bit because we all travel. With my law-enforcement training and other tactical training, I am able to provide you with excellent intermediate firearms training the second afternoon.

I supply .45-caliber firearms for students to use for qualification at no extra charge because I want you to have maximum flexibility in what you can carry.

But still, after discussing all the value I bring to the table, I haven’t answered the question of why my courses have such low prices.


I consider it a privilege to teach my students, not the other way around. When you choose to train with me, I consider it an opportunity to try and give the most value I can for your hard-earned money. I know the state requires you to take a course to carry concealed, but I don’t see that as an opportunity to rob or extort you. I see that as an opportunity to help you obtain your permit and do as much as I can to really earn that money.

I charge less because I believe in your right to defend yourself. While I need to get some money for my time, I don’t want to serve as an unreasonable speedbump between you and your CHL. I’d rather train more students and make less per student because I want more people to be free to defend themselves. This will lead to a safer community for my wife and children to live in.

I charge less and give more because I really care for and respect my students and their rights, and I want our community to be a safer place. Those are the core values of my business.

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