Printable Targets

Whether you take a paid course or not, Practical Tactical recommends you practice at least once a month to keep your marksmanship up. To help you do that, this page has free targets you can download and print. Check back from time to time or subscribe to blog updates to be notified when new targets are added.

Be safe (see the bottom of this page) and print as many of these targets as you want. You are also free to share with friends both online and offline as long as you don’t modify them.

Handgun Diagnostic Target

This target actually tells you what you did wrong when you missed. Just aim at the red dot in the center and when rounds don’t land in the bull’s eye, the part of the target you did hit says what you likely did wrong to put it there.

Start by using the target from a benchrest or prone position from five yards. If you land them all in the red, move further back. If some rounds land outside the outer ring, move closer. Once you consistently land rounds in the red, move further back and work some more. Once you master the target from a supported position out to 20 yards, switch to a two-handed standing position and then one-handed standing.

Please download the correct target based on your dominant hand:

Click Here To Download The Right Hand Target

Click Here To Download The Left Hand Target

Could You Take Bin Laden In One Shot?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you heard that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs over the weekend. He always sent others to do his dirty work, and was a coward right until the end. He even attempted to use a woman as a human shield right before being shot in the head.

Download a free Osama target and print it up. The area within the red lines is known as the ‘lights out’ area or ‘T Box’. If hit here, a person will be dead before they even have a chance to pull a trigger, thrust a knife blade, or do anything else.

After taking your successful shot, fill in the distance, gun used and caliber in the space provided at the top and show your friends by e-mail or on Facebook that you have what it takes to turn Osama’s lights out in one shot!

Click Here To Download The Target (PDF Format)

More Printable Targets

See this blog post for a growing list of links to more targets all over the interwebs.

Safety First!

Practical Tactical Training is not responsible for any unsafe actions you may take when using the free targets provided. Always follow gun safety rules whenever discharging a firearm:

  • ALWAYS keep guns pointed in a safe direction.
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • ALWAYS keep guns unloaded until ready to use.